Nature Consciousness … a new paradigm in Environmental Activism

Being Onto Something is a new resource in the Kansas City area that helps shoppers eliminate the use of plastic bags.


We offer reusable produce bags made from cotton as well as compostable “plastic” bags that are made from plants like corn, rather than from polyethylene which is derived from fossil fuels. It has been estimated that the standard plastic bag will not biodegrade for more than 500 years, and may possibly NEVER biodegrade!

If you’ve ever wondered how you can take the next step towards a more environmentally friendly shopping experience, now you have the opportunity!

What’s wrong with this picture?Green Bag W Plastic Bags

We love shopping
with our green, reusable cloth bag –
so why do we still put all our fresh produce
into plastic bags?

Hmmm … is there a Greener solution?”


WeRecyclePlasticBagWhat’s the problem with just recycling the plastic bags I use now?